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Radiation Protection Physicist/Engineer

Description de l'offre- Perform radiation protection studies with the FLUKA Monte Carlo particle transport code for experiments performed at various irradiation facilities (n_TOF, ISOLDE, East Experimental Area, CLEAR) and for accelerators on the PS complex (Linacs, PSB and PS) - In particular, you carry out Monte Carlo simulations for the radiological characterisation of experiments in view of clearance decisions and determination of applicable measurement methods for the CLEAR and n_TOF facilities - Document results of studies in presentations and technical reports and present your work in international conferences/workshops - Benchmark results of Monte Carlo simulations with experimental radiation measurements - Contribute to the development of the FLUKA code distributed by CERN by joining "FLUKA Code Development Support" work package led by the RP group

Compétences requises - Previous experience in radiation protection - Monte Carlo simulation codes for radiation transport (FLUKA, MCNP, PHITS, etc) - Programming skills (Python, C++, Fortran) - Excellent interpersonal and communication skills - Fluent in English, the ability to work in French would be an advantage

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